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Welcome to the Rihanna Navy Corp, a web community for Rihanna fans from all around the world who wish to help to promote Rihanna. This is not a regular fan forum as we wish to create haters-free space for everyone to discuss latest Rihanna news & updates creating the official Rihanna Street Team. This is why this forum is invite only. If you wish to join the community please register and wait for administrators approval. If you sign up using your Twitter profile we will be able to confirm fast you are indeed Rihanna Navy. 

The forum is currently dedicated only for users who wish to participate in posting (not just lurking). Please be patient because with time we will try to make all topics visible for everyone. 


Talk everything about Rihanna here - latest news, photos, events, gossips


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  2. House of Fenty

    Everything about Rihanna's merchandise - clothing, beauty line and all possible projects that you can purchase

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